Reasons For Refusal To Australian Visa

A huge mass aspires to migrate to Australia for one or another reasons. Many have been able to fulfill their dream but still there is a large group of individuals who are unable to attain their Australian Visa. As per the experts The Australian Immigration Department has been rejecting almost 50% of Indian Visa Applications by the adoption of a very non-transparent system. Indian Applicants are facing this utter massive rejection due to the report of various fraud cases. The major reason of the refusal are as follow:-

  • Incomplete Application Form- One of the most common errors occurred in the Visa Application Process is the incomplete, false or misleading Application Forms. A major mistake that comes into notice is that some specifications are left blank by the applicants. Besides this there is also misleading and confusing information in some sections of the form that hampers the visa process. Make sure to provide correct, adequate and truthful error-free information for your final submission. Read the instructions carefully or reach out and seek help from your Visa Counselor if you are stuck anywhere. Recheck the information carefully again and again for a successful visa application. Thus, its imperative for an applicant to provide whole essential information to support the visa request.
  • Invalid or Damaged Passport- Passport is the most crucial document in a visa Application Process. Passport in a bad shape, torn or damaged definitely results in the Visa Rejection. Besides, the submission of expired passports or the passport nearing the expiry dates or having some pages missing is rejected by the Embassy. Ensure that the passport is in a good condition with minimum two blank pages and a validity of at least 6 months.

  • False or Misleading Documents- One of the leading reasons for the rejection of the visa applications is the false or misleading documents provided in the submission by the applicants. The Australian Embassy is very strict and bound by its rules and regulations which is why an immediate rejection is faced in such instances. If you provide false documents, not only your visa will be undoubtedly rejected but also the entrance to Australia will be banned for almost three years.
  • Failing to meet character requirements- A Visa Application to Australia is clearly rejected by the Department of Home Affairs, if the candidate fails to pass the Character Test. Any criminal conviction offence or crime of any past incident have a great and serious impact on the visa application and results in rejection, no matter what sort of crime is done by you. Thus, if you dream to go abroad avoid all kinds of crimes from small to major to escape Australian Visa Rejections.
  • Inadequate Funds- If an applicant is unable to show his/her financial stability and sufficient funds to support his living in the country, the application will not be accepted in such condition. The applicants must be financially stable and have adequate funds to satisfy the Department of Home Affairs when applying for Australian Visa.  A comprehensive detail about the finances through the bank account statements is required to prove the financial stability before the Embassy for successful Visa Application. If any inconsistencies come into notice in the finances of applicants, then the visa application is rejected.

  • Improper Ties in the Home Country- Some of the visa rejections occur because of the candidate’s ineligibility to show and proof the proper ties in his/her home country. The Embassy needs the evidence that the applicant will return back to his/her home country after the purpose of visiting Australia is fulfilled, but some people fail to prove their links or strong ties in their home country which results in the rejection of the visa application. 
  • Health Issues- Every Visa Holder must pass the Health Test to obtain an Australian Visa, otherwise the visa rejections will occur if you have any serious ailment. The Australian Embassy rejects the visa application if the applicant is proven to be a financial drain or burden on the country and the Australian Medical System. The applicants possessing a health and safety risk for the Australian Public or Community faces rejections.
  • Lack of Professional Help- Some people majorly face rejections with their Australian Visa due to their decision of not seeking a professional help which is mandatory. The individuals are unaware of the fact that professional assistance is prudent to avoid the dismissal of Visa. Get assistance from the skilled professionals for the approval of the Visa.

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